BIGG BOSS 11: आज SALMAN आकर पलट देंगे पूरा GAME, OUT होगा वो CONTESTANT जिसकी नहीं थी उम्मीद(24 DEC)

BIGG BOSS 11: आज SALMAN आकर पलट देंगे पूरा GAME, OUT होगा वो CONTESTANT जिसकी नहीं थी उम्मीद(24 DEC)

This time except for Hina Khan in Bigg Boss, all the contestants are nominated, so this time, everyone has begun to embark on this name, who will be homeless from home. If you look at voting then this time, no other than this, these people, who have gathered headlines from the kiss, can become homeless from the house.

Big Boss had nominated all the guests this time on talking about the nomination, though Hina Khan was safe. Seeing the voting done till now, the highest vote is received by Love Tyagi, while few votes get punished.

According to the voting of a website, Love Tyagi will be given 19.01, Shilpa gets 18.73, Vikas Gupta gets 12.65, Priyank gets 12.52, Arshi 12.41, Akash 12.32 and Punish gets 12.36 percent of the votes.

According to this voting poll, Punish Sharma can be homeless at home this time. So Love has emerged as the biggest game planer in this house, which has won the most votes for the past two weeks. If you talk about Punish, then after going out of the bandi, they have gone from somewhere in the house and are not seen doing more in the house.
However, during the show, Bandi and Punishash’s love story were very good. Even so many times they were seen to kiss each other, but when they went off the band they lost somewhere in the house. However, many of the show’s contendants have said this many times that Punish should have been run several weeks earlier.

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